Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gente Viejo en la Casa

Donald Rumsfeld had it right, it is Old Europe:

Europe is losing its youngsters and rapidly aging, according to a report by the Institute for Family Policies released this week in Spain.

The 2007 Report on the Evolution of the Family in Europe found that the number of young people aged below 14 had slumped 23 million across the continent, defined as the 27 EU states, between 1980 and 2005, falling from a 22.1 percent to a 16.2 percent share overall.

Lola Velarde, president of the European Network Institute for Family Policies, revealed that whereas in 1980 youngsters outnumbered adults by 36 million, the latter were now in the ascendancy.

"Europe is getting old," said Velarde, alluding to falling birth rates which she described as "worrying for the future" with the population of the United States projected to rise above that of the EU by 2060.

Worrying for the future of their welfare states, that is?

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