Thursday, September 13, 2007

If you can't stand the kitchen

There's always the competition, unless the kitchen puts the heat on:

A sandwich maker has been ticked off by police for taking orders from schoolchildren and delivering butties through the school fence.

Youngsters at Standish High in Wigan, Greater Manchester, are not allowed to leave the grounds during lunch-time.

But, rather than have a school meal, some pupils have been phoning their sandwich orders to Michael Daley.

41-year-old Mr Daley, who runs Standish Kitchen, on Preston Road, Wigan, then delivers the orders - with southern chicken wrap being the most popular.

But the school - which has won Healthy School status in the wake of the Jamie Oliver-inspired crusade - has put a halt to his food run.

Michael said he was "staggered" when a police officer visited the shop and told him to stop taking orders to the school.

...."I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I'm on a public highway, not school grounds. It's crazy. I'm a businessman, and I give customers what they want. They just don't like the food being served in the school."

Headteacher Hugh Crossan said: "We were one of the first schools in Wigan to win the 'Healthy Schools' status and we offer a wide variety of school meals which the overwhelming majority of children are extremely satisfied with.

"There will be days when one or two pupils don't like anything that's being offered, but they are welcome to approach staff and request different types of food. They are also welcome to bring in their own sandwiches from home.

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