Thursday, September 09, 2004

Boy, Am I Glad I'm Not Dan Rather Today

Tooopiddd! Have a gander at Col Killian's signature on this 1973 document recommending Bush's "early out" to attend Harvard Business School.

Then compare it to the initials on this supposed memo for the same man's files.

It's hard to read the J on the latter, but the tail to the upper right slopes differently than it does in the genuine, signed, approval for Bush's "early out". The Ks are another matter entirely. They simply were not written by the same person. You don't have to be a handwriting expert to see it.

It becomes even more hilariously inept when you look at the signature on this memo allegedly written on May 4, 1972.

Then there is the little matter of the discrepancy in content between Bush's fitness report, signed by both Major Wm. Harris and Lt. Col. Killian on May 26, 1972. Which is only 5 days after the memo of May 19th, in which Killian is being mildly put out by Bush's plans to move to Alabama. I can't resist typing some of the comments describing Lt. Bush in the fitness report:

Lt Bush is an exceptional fighter interceptor pilot and officer. He eagerly participates in scheduled unit activities.....He makes a welcome addition to any group or team effort....Lt Bush is very active in civic affairs in the community and manifests a deep interest in the operation of our government. He has recently accepted the position as campaign manager for a candidate for United States Senate. He is a good representative of the military and Air National Guard in the business world. His abilities and anticipated future assignments make him a valuable asset.

What a difference a few days make. And, Bush's overall rating was "exceptionally fine". So why would Killian be ordering Bush to take an annual physical in May when it normally wouldn't be due until July (the month of Bush's birth).

Also, I'm doubly glad I'm not Brad DeLong today . Nor any of his merry band of commenters, because the Killian memo of August 1, 1972 can't be legitimate. It says:

3. I recommended transfer of this officer to the 9921 st Air Reserve Squadron in May and forwarded his AF Form 1288 to 147th Ftr Intrcp Gp headquarters. The transfer was not allowed.

The forger can thank--among others, no doubt--Dave Niewert for this blunder. Contrary to what Niewert claimed on February 14th of this year, the transfer was not "promptly disallowed"--which would allow Killian to be talking of something that happened early enough for Bush to have done something about it. It was only disallowed on July 31st.

That's right, only the day before this bogus memo was supposedly written. Niewert (and the hapless DeLong) mistook the date of the request for transfer in May, for the date Denver headquarters disallowed it. Killian wouldn't have known about it on August 1st, and neither would George W. Bush (because they sent him a copy of the order at the 9921st in Alabama).

As Ethyl Merman once put it: "Oh, barrrruthher!".

Finally, it is truly an honor to have been linked to by The Minuteman on my first day as a member of the new media. But I'm positively delighted to have been first recognized by Craig Newmark's lovely, charming, and informed wife, Betsy.