Sunday, September 26, 2004

Son of Motto Lotto

The contest without a winner cries for an encore, with today's NY Times :

a four-term senator with comparatively little management experience

moved slowly against a swift opponent

slow in taking action, bogged down in the very details

spent four weeks mulling the design of his campaign logo

most influenced by the last person who has his ear

"he's a thinker," said the Rev. Jesse Jackson

Unlike Mr. Bush... has little experience in managing any kind of large operation

a learning experience for him

sometimes leaving phone messages for his friends ...offering critiques of their performances

in an often wandering quest for data

repeatedly upended his staff... dismissing aides outright

threatened to run off the tracks

few people who call themselves his friends

focusing on his campaign's problems

the daily gallows humor at Kerry headquarters

none of them have too much authority

provided by people you don't know

little history with the man

a constant source of irritation

Mr. Kerry drifts off

apt to exhibit a blank face

affected the pottery industry

senses his candidacy is in peril

on the phone much more than other presidential candidates

waiting on a Nantucket beach for the wind to pick up so he could go kite-surfing

his cellphone is a negative for him

reduces the orderliness of the campaign

Kerry does not always take it

urging him to keep his speech short

"I've given up,"

" he doesn't listen sometimes."

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