Tuesday, September 21, 2004

When He Is Good, He Is Very Very Good...

But, when he is bad, he is...not blogging as a professional, but as a rabid partisan who wouldn't even fool Dan Rather into accepting fake documents from him. Today, however is one of those rare days when the economist in him can't be restrained. And under the LFUTB Politeness Policy, which is always enforced evenhandedly (unlike some I could mention), credit is given where credit is due:

Well, The Economists' Voice is now launched, with a small first issue. Now we get to begin the dynamic process of (a) finding a readership, (b) finding people who want to write, and (c) editing so that what appears on the website is *really* *good* and worth reading.

So, Bravo Zulus to the Captains of the swift boat they've just launched.

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