Friday, September 24, 2004

Too Clever By 99-44/100%, "Luci"

Not that there's a shortage of clues that the CBS memos are forged, but one error that hasn't received its due is in the "04 May 1972" order to Lt Bush to report for his annual physical. It cites, as authority; AFM 35-13 (thanks to Paul Lukasiak for the link).

I'll let a former ANG pilot explain why that isn't authority for such an order (which itself is non-regulation; Bush had until July 31 to take his physical):

30- series regulations are Personnel regulations. Additionally, Manuals, as in AFM, are instructional documents telling you how to process something.

For a Physical, the 160 series is what authorizes and directs medical exams.

What has happened here is that the forger thought he was being clever in using the AFM 35-13 manual reference because it was quoted in the Bush removal from flying status letter from NGB (the Greenlief letter). However, that manual would never be used to order a physical, which would require a regulation (AFR) and would be in the 160 series (AFR 160-1 and AFR 160-23).

Iow, Dan and are pathetic amateurs to be taken in by such crude fabrications.

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