Thursday, September 09, 2004

I'm a Wild and Crazy Kinda Jet Jock, That's Why

The Minute Man does to Nick Kristoff what Capt Esterhazy did to Jose Ferrer in I Accuse. Though at last sighting Kristoff hasn't yet been exiled to Devil's Island along with Jayson Blair. One thing that does seem to have escaped scrutiny though, is Bob Mintz's claim:

Young bachelors were kind of sparse. For that reason, I was looking for someone to haul around with.

Immediately raising the question, "How did you know, without ever meeting him, that he was a young bachelor?" His father wasn't that high profile in 1972, and Bush was originally serving with another unit--the 9921st--not Mintz's 187th. It was only after July 31st that Bush's service with the first unit was disallowed. Sometime in August Bush would have received his copy of that disallowal (sent to him care of the 9921st), and it wasn't until Sept. that he got accepted at Mintz's unit.

And not as a pilot. Just another desk guy for a few week-ends in the fall. There's no reason at all for Mintz to even have known who Bush was, much less to be looking for him.

Did Mintz work week-ends? He'd have had to to see Bush.