Thursday, September 30, 2004

Emily Litella's Favorite Interviewer

Chris Matthews had one of those moments last night interviewing a Democrat and Republican student at the University of Miami. The fact that the Republican (Wacholtz) was obviously much older should have been a clue, but it wasn't:

MATTHEWS: Do you want to see the draft come back?

WACHOLTZ: Absolutely not.

MATTHEWS: Do you want to see the draft come back?

KOSAR: Of course not.

MATTHEWS: Why did you say of course not?

KOSAR: Because who wants the draft?

MATTHEWS: Do you think it‘s fair that...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Who wants to go fight in Iraq?

MATTHEWS: Do you think it‘s fair that people are—and you saw the movie “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

KOSAR: Yes, I did.

MATTHEWS: Did you see in that movie the effort to draft people, or to get people to join the Army based on economic circumstances, and to basically go after people who aren‘t at college, like you guys? They aren‘t at a great campus like this. They are hanging around shopping malls. So they go up to them and they see these kids and they recruit them based upon promises.

They get to be in music. They get to follow their career. Why do you kids get to avoid military combat? Why do you support a war you don‘t want to fight in?

WACHOLTZ: I was in the Marine Corps for six and a half years.

MATTHEWS: Good for you. You‘re covered.


MATTHEWS: what about you?
By the way, touche.

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