Thursday, May 19, 2005

Next; Ice Boxes to Eskimos?

Bottoms up, Hawaiian style:

Desalinated seawater from deep below the ocean's surface has become a hit product in Japan, where it is marketed as a pure and nutrient-rich alternative to tap and spring water.

...."It's pretty exciting," said Roger Morey, senior vice president of Pearl City-based Hawaiian Natural, which sells Hawaiian Springs drinking water. "You can get deep seawater anyplace, but you can only get Hawai'i deep seawater right here in Hawai'i."

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.... Driving the boom is a Japanese thirst for deep seawater that started several years ago. Nearly all the water bottled locally is sent to Japan, where it sells for $3 to $4 a bottle. Coming from deep below the ocean's surface, the water is touted as being thousands of years old and free of modern impurities. The desalinated Hawaiian deep seawater also is marketed as a dietary supplement that helps with weight loss, stress reduction, improved skin tone and digestion, and other benefits that have yet to be proven via scientific study.

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