Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Vikingism...An Acquired Taste

While some Leviathan readerships are poor, nasty, brutish, and short . A war of every man against every man. The FLUBA counts its blessings for the quality time bestowed on it:

If you have [not] sampled the inimitable Let's Fly Under the Bridge, you should. If for nothing else, for one of the best tag lines ever: "Dedicated to countering excess self-esteem by providing feedback not found in polite company."

and here;

addendum :: related items:This Is Your Brain, On Sex :: Let's Fly Under the Bridge

and here;

Do we need evidence of Krugman's deep expertise on the "technical" aspects of military and strategic affairs? Well, we can start with his...

We either need a much bigger army - which means a draft... that somehow overlooks the obscure fact that during the Cold War the military was a million men larger than today-- that's two-thirds larger -- without a draft (as is pointed out by Roland Patrick every time Krugman repeats this howler.)

We'd include more but, the excess self-esteem meter's needle is close to the danger zone.

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