Monday, May 02, 2005

Tall, Dour and...

Politically tone-deaf:

As I traveled the country last year, I had the special privilege of meeting great families every day — good people who love their communities, love our country and are determined to build a better life for their kids. Their stories are the driving force behind my Kids First plan.

....surely we can begin to make progress where the cost of action is low and the cost of continued inaction is so very high: our children.

...we can re-establish a national responsibility for children's health care by building a strong partnership with the states, which are responsible for running the state health-care systems, and with parents, who are responsible for raising healthy kids.

....We need a new bargain with parents as well. We should help them buy employer-sponsored coverage where it's available. And we will allow parents who don't normally qualify for public programs to buy coverage for their children at cost. Parents' side of the bargain is to take advantage of these opportunities to get their kids covered. If they don't, they will not be able to claim the child-tax credit on their federal tax returns.

Gee, how did John F Kerry not win last fall, with great ideas like these?

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