Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Perhaps it was autographed by Don Ho?

BOISE, Idaho — When Trisha Walker graduated from Borah High School in May 2004, school officials wouldn't let her wear the silk lei that was a gift from her Hawaiian uncle.

Now Walker, her stepfather, Jerry Squires, and her mother, Cheryl, say the only way to make up for the loss of the $40 item is for the school to send Walker and an aunt on a three-day trip to Hawaii to pick out a new one.

Walker and the Squires filed a lawsuit in 4th District Small Claims Court asking a judge to force the school and district officials to pay for the $2,300 trip.

....The flower-necklace fiasco began on graduation night, Walker and her family say, after Borah High School Principal Greg Frederick decided not to let students wear leis. He made the decision after getting advice from a school resource officer who thought the decoration was not appropriate for a graduation ceremony.

Walker apparently handed over the lei to a school official, and it was ultimately lost.

Tiny the whine...

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