Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Lyonizing John

Thanks to a commenter (Cecil Turner) at Just One Minute for this tip to Lyon Research's contribution to exposing the fraud perpetrated on the Boston Globe by its state's Junior Senator:

1) The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) is the custodian of records of discharged Navy personnel who served in 60’s and 70’s. All requests for navy personnel records of both officers and enlisted should be made to the NPRC, not the Navy. .... We see no reason why, Senator Kerry would choose to have the Navy release his record when the NPRC is the custodian of his full record. ....

Kerry was discharged from active duty on Jan 3rd 1970. He entered the inactive reserve at that time. In July of 1972 he entered the standby reserve. ....Typically participation in the Standby Reserve is limited to a couple of years. We have never seen a Veteran in any branch of the military that had a 6 year standby reserve obligation, unless it was part of their enlistment contract. Except for Senator Kerry’s 1978 discharge from the Reserve, we have not seen any other records that indicate that the Senators Standby Reserve obligation was that long. Every year, the Navy reviews members of the Standby Reserve to see if they are still needed.

3) Why is there a statement of service from a JAG officer in Senator Kerry’s personnel file?

3) The Judge Advocate Generals Office is the legal branch of the military. In the hundreds of personnel files we have reviewed, we have never seen a JAG summary in such a format and have only seen summaries when they are used in sentencing or pretrial investigations. The presence of this statement in Senator Kerry’s file is certainly unusual.

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