Thursday, June 16, 2005

One Senator Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Dick Durbin, (D, Ill) compares American soldiers, who have to deal with bloodthirsty jihadists at Guantanamo, to Nazis and Communists because of a report of isolated incidents:

On a couple of occasions.....On one occasion....On another occasion....

He observed prisoners restrained by handcuffs, including one who had pulled out a 'pile' of his own hair. Perhaps he might be one of:

The military is spending about $2.8 million to construct a psychiatric ward for mentally ill detainees....

The psychiatric facility is needed because about 4 percent of the detainees are on psychotropic medications for illnesses ranging from schizophrenia to manic depression, said Navy Capt. Steve Edmonson, the head doctor for detainees.

The above coming from a story in the Washington Times that opened:

...after a guard discovered a dangerously sharp object hidden in the empty cell of a detainee, a violent confrontation ensued, illustrating military officials' contention that criticisms from human rights groups only tell part of the story.

According to two Army prison guards... the prisoner was temporarily in another part of the prison for a bath when the jagged, rectangular piece of metal, three to four inches long was found and removed. altercation then followed in which the detainee tried to gouge out one of the guards' eyes.

After first allowing the detainee to return from his shower to the cell, a five-man team of guards then began a carefully choreographed "cell extraction" to move him to another cell, where he would not be able to do further damage.

"He was extremely aggressive from the moment we went in," said the 28-year-old guard, whose job it was to "push the detainee back" as another guard quickly handcuffed the prisoner.

Before the cuffs could go on though, things went wrong and the detainee forced his hands up under the first guard's plexiglass face mask and began digging for the eyeball.

"He tried to insert one finger into my eye socket, then he transitioned into a fishhook maneuver," the guard said. "He got his finger into my mouth and was trying to rip my cheek off." After another moment, the detainee's hands were forced down and into the cuffs.

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