Thursday, June 16, 2005

Por Unos Pocos Rubles Mas...

The daughter of a former Mexican policeman will sell the ice pick that killed Leon Trotsky:

The ice pick used to murder Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky is believed to have been found 65 years after his assassination....The murder weapon vanished after Trotsky, exiled by communist leader Joseph Stalin, was killed on the dictator’s orders in Mexico City in 1940 when Ramon Mercador plunged it into the back of his head.

....Now Ana Alicia Salas says her late father, police commander Alfredo, stole it “for posterity”.

Trotsky’s grandson Seva Volkov says if she gives the pick to the museum of Trotsky’s life he will give a DNA sample to see if blood on the handle is Leon’s, the Mirror wrote.

But she said: “I am looking for some financial benefit. I think something as historically important at this should be worth something, no?”

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