Saturday, June 25, 2005

Granny Got Her Gun

'Cause he did her wrong:

Great-grandmother Lena Driskell is charged with firing four shots into her boyfriend's head after he broke up with her, but a judge ordered her freed on bond Friday.

Fulton prosecutor Jack Barrs had urged Fulton County Magistrate Richard Hicks to keep the 78-year-old woman behind bars because he fears she could still pose a threat.

Police believe Driskell decided to kill widower Herman Winslow, 85, after he broke off their yearlong romance and began dating someone else.

....Driskell, a widow who once worked as a certified nurse's assistant, had assumed she would one day marry Winslow, Holt said. The two had dated for a year, often traveled together and had just returned from Daytona four days before the June 10 shooting inside Hightower Manor, a public-assisted complex for seniors and the disabled in southwest Atlanta.

....After the shooting, Driskell told police officers: "Yes, I did it and I'd do it again,"

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