Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kinder, Gentler POW Camps

Back in the good ol' days when FDR was president, Senator Dick Durban might be interested in how some (actual) POWS were treated on American soil:

Resentful that Italian war prisoners held at the base enjoyed better living conditions than they did, and angered after a fistfight with the Italians felled one of their own, dozens of black servicemen stationed at Fort Lawton stormed out of their segregated barracks and began attacking POWs on Aug. 14, 1944.

Bloodshed in Seattle

One Italian was lynched and a dozen injured. Three months later, the Army convened the largest court-martial of World War II.

Which does seem a little more serious than malfunctioning air-conditioning. This incident was even reported in newspapers at the time, yet no one suggested we should obsess over individuals acts of wrongdoing. There was a war on.

Just as there is now.

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