Thursday, March 08, 2007

È essere facile verde

If you're a Mafia don you don't need an SUV:

Bernardo Provenzano, the former boss-of-all-the-bosses of the Sicilian Mafia, used to send his murderous instructions via public transport, it emerged yesterday.

Mr Provenzano, 74, was captured in his hideout near the town of Corleone last April. At the site, the police discovered hundreds of pizzini, or typed instruction letters, from the Godfather to his fellow Mafia dons.

Investigators, including a team from the FBI, have spent the last eleven months deciphering his code. The investigation has led to dozens more arrests, as his crime syndicate was dismantled. Earlier this week, Vincenzo Piraneo, who drove a bus down the 189 road between Palermo and Agrigento, was arrested for allegedly helping Provenzano distribute his pizzini. A further 21 arrests were also made.

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