Tuesday, March 27, 2007

'What's your sign?'

And, 'Come here often?'. The French wine industry is learning new tricks from the Yanks and Aussies:

Inspired by the success of up-market wine centres in California and Australia, a French wine merchant from Bordeaux this month opened a new 20 million-euro (26-million-dollar) complex, the first of its kind in France.

....In a tongue-in-cheek draw, the "Winery" offers visitors, for a fee, a blind wine tasting to determine their oenological rather than astrological sign -- "eternal rising aesthete", sensually muscular" or "trendy gourmet".

"It's a one-hour tasting to analyse a person's individual wine preferences and tastes, to help them understand what they like," said manager Yves Bontoux.

Responses to six different wines -- old, modern, trendy, sweet, fruity or complex -- are analysed by computer to produce an individual "oenological star sign", together with a personalised list of wines available in the boutique.

....Located only 25 kilometres away from Bordeaux, the Winery, which includes an amphitheatre for concerts and shows, as well as meeting rooms and a restaurant, is the most ambitious wine tourism project to hit Bordeaux in recent times.

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