Friday, March 23, 2007

Love Me or Leave Me

Agatha Christie missed this plot:

A woman outraged by her husband’s unwillingness to make love to her wrapped up his penis with scotch tape and tried to force him into sexual intercourse. Her plan failed the woman wrapped her husband’s hands, legs and head with the tape and went to bed. The man died from suffocating, the website Pravda.Ru reported Thursday.

The incident occurred in Bashkortostan, Central Russia, in the village of Sidyakbash.

And this one rang in the New Year by having her boyfriend for dinner:

A court in the Russian internal republic of Bashkortostan has passed an 11-year sentence to a woman who killed her boyfriend with an axe and then cooked him in a variety of dishes which she fed to her guests at a New Year party.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reports that the incident took place in the small town of Sterlitamak.

The 44-year old woman suspected her boyfriend, who was younger than her, of unfaithfulness and in a heated row grabbed an axe and hacked him to death.

Then, the woman flayed and dismembered the body. She threw away the head and used the rest to cook a New Year dinner. She minced some meat and used in meatballs and dumplings and also made jellied meat with hands and feet — she later bartered that dish for liquor with neighbors.

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