Tuesday, March 27, 2007

She thinks not, therefore...

..she sues for not being warned it's dangerous to dance on a rooftop while intoxicated:

A young graduate who crashed through a skylight while dancing on her roof during a drunken party is suing her landlords for not warning her of the dangers.

Anna Mayers was celebrating her 24th birthday at the flat she rented with university friends when the near-fatal accident happened.

....But the High Court heard that Mrs Mayers, who was studying for a postgraduate Master of Philosophy degree at University College, London at the time, was a 'highly intelligent' woman who should have known better.

....The court heard that Mrs Mayers and her friends had used a window to get on to the roof of a garage attached to her flat in Islington, North London, at midnight on February 9, 2002.

The group, who were all graduates of the University of Leeds, had gone out there to dance, but Mrs Mayers stepped backwards on to the glass skylight, falling through it.

James Couser, for the flat's owners Piyush and Naginbhai Patel, of Hendon, North-West London, said the decision to go onto the roof was "foolhardy".

Not only was she a "trespasser" with no right to go on to the garage, which was not part of the flat she was renting, but it was dark and she had been drinking, he said.

Mrs Mayers, who is now aged 29, had drunk "four or five" glasses of wine and eaten vodka jelly, he told the court.

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