Monday, March 19, 2007


Scott Soshnick explains supply and demand to some thick skulled golfers:

Rich Beem has gone mad. So, too, have Brad Faxon and Heath Slocum.

The testy trio, names casual fans might not recognize, is taking aim at the golden goose of golf, which, of course, isn't a goose at all. It's a Tiger. Beem and his misguided malcontents are, to use Beem's word, ``insulted'' that the world's No. 1 player, Tiger Woods, is getting his own tournament.

Actually, they're unhappy that Tiger's party isn't an open house. No riff-raff. It's a more selective, invitation-only affair.

....Tiger's tournament replaces the International, a Colorado event dropped from the schedule because -- and here's where Beem and his boys need to pay close attention -- organizers couldn't find a sponsor without assurances that Tiger would tee it up.

In other words, no Tiger meant no sponsor, no TV, no prize money, no nothing.

If Tiger doesn't show, at least periodically, there's a good chance the tournament dies.

....Like it or not, Tiger is, indeed, more powerful than the PGA Tour.

....As it stands, television ratings rise as much as 50 percent when Tiger joins the field. Make no mistake, the Tour needs Tiger more than Tiger needs the Tour.

....Will someone, anyone, please explain to Beem and his boys that any event, even an invitation-only tournament, is better than nothing.

....Tell me this: When was the last time a prospective sponsor or TV network executive demanded to know ahead of time whether Rich Beem, Brad Faxon or Heath Slocum was in the field.

Never. Sponsors don't care about Beem because the public doesn't care if he shows up or not.

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