Thursday, March 01, 2007

With hearts of gold?

We'll know they're not discriminated against when Tom Hanks wins an Oscar for portraying one in a movie:

AMSTERDAM – Men will soon be standing in the windows of the infamous red light district in Amsterdam. A number of male prostitutes will be "on display" in the windows when the district holds its second annual "open house" day on 31 March. Organiser of the publicity event, Mariska Majoor, of the Prostitution Information Centre, announced this on Thursday.

Just like last year, visitors will be given a glimpse behind the scenes at brothels and peep show theatres. The aim is to improve the neighbourhood's image.

Three men have already signed up to work the windows on the open day. One of them currently works as an escort, the other two do not have any experience yet but would like to start work as male prostitutes. Majoors hopes to have about six men working the open day, but because of all the publicity it can be difficult to find enough willing candidates.

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