Thursday, March 29, 2007

Other People's Money

The FLUBA received an e-mail this morning pointing us to this NY Post piece:

KEVIN Love, O.J. Mayo and Eric Gordon are each contributing $4 million-plus toward making next year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament as good as this year's.

But they aren't contributing the money willingly. The players are being forced to by an unlucky interpretation of a law.

Mayo, Love and Gordon are, you see, among the best high school basketball players this year.

The millions are what the experts think a great high school player could get if allowed to turn pro.

....because of an unfortunate tweaking of federal antitrust laws - the too-boring for too-long Sherman Antitrust Act - Mayo, Love and Gordon will have to play at least one year for free at the least reprehensible college of their choice.

Actually, as our correspondent pointed out, a Federal judge ruled (in the Maurice Clarett case) that professional players' unions were immune to anti-trust laws. Which means that the NBA's agreement with its union, to prohibit high schoolers from jumping directly to the league is legal--even if it's 'not nice'.

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