Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Superhero Broccoli...

...is replacing Clark Kent Brussels Sprouts for statisticians in Scotland:

BRUSSELS sprouts, much maligned for generations, have suffered their final indignity - they have been eclipsed by their flashy younger cousin, broccoli, in the government's shopping basket.

Yesterday, the Office for National Statistics said it would use broccoli instead of sprouts as one of the items used to measure inflation.

....It is a cruel blow for the sprout, whose days were numbered when broccoli was recently named a "superfood" for its nutritional and cancer-fighting properties. Both vegetables come from the cabbage family.

Now broccoli has found itself in a love affair with the British public.

"We love brussels sprouts and they have been part of our basket for 60 years, but consumers are spending more on broccoli and there is no way to hide it," a spokesman for the ONS explained yesterday.

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