Monday, October 09, 2006

Baby, You Can Put Out My Fire

She just loves a man in uniform, we guess:

(ANSA) - Rome, October 9 - A Roman bride has made her fiance's dream of becoming a fireman come true as a gift for their wedding.

"I've always felt a special thrill watching fire engines speed by and I'm mad about films with firemen in them," said Pierluigi, 31, as he started his Fireman For A Day package, secretly arranged by bride Simona with Rome's fire service.

"I was so pysched," he said later in the day after helping the professionals put out a short circuit in a Rome apartment building.

"Simona, you've made me so happy," Pierluigi gushed after the Rome 'pompieri' gave him an honorary uniform.

....Pierlugi said he'd never forget his wedding present and would be putting the uniform next to his scale model of a New York fire truck .

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