Friday, October 27, 2006


That isn't the half of it:

Brussels. We have them for everything for shopping to travelling. Now people in Flanders are to be given 'loyalty' cards . . . for demonstrating their willingness to speak Flemish.

Civic bosses in Flemish Brabant want to increase the number of French-speaking people living in the area to speak Flemish. So, under a novel plan put forward by the local communes, retailers are being asked to speak only in Flemish to people who come into their shops.

Shoppers will be issued with a 'loyalty' card and those who make an effort to cooperate given points. Once they have amassed sufficient points, they will be eligible to enter a draw with a weekend away the first prize.

A spokesperson for Flemish Brabant said shoppers who make mistakes in their attempt to speak Flemish will be corrected.

"It may seem a strange idea but it is hoped this will encourage more French-speakers resident here to speak Flemish."

Great idea, insult your customers.

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