Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When teachers with guns are outlawed...

As they are in most schools, such as in Olympia, Washington:

A 33-year-old teacher at Nisqually Middle School is on administrative leave after school officials discovered she brought a .38 Special handgun - along with bullets - on school grounds Thursday, according to the Thurston County Sheriff's Office.

Teacher Mary Catherine Roe, who lives in Shelton, told deputies she was fearful of her husband and that he used a gun while assaulting her, according to a sheriff's report. Roe also has a domestic violence protection order against her husband, according to Mason County records.

....Roe is under investigation for the charge of unlawfully carrying a firearm, which was in her purse, on school grounds. The law says no one except law enforcement officers can bring a firearm onto school grounds.

....School officials learned about the gun after a co-worker asked Roe how she is protecting herself against her husband, the police report states, and she told him that she had a gun in her purse, according to the sheriff's department.

.... Roe told deputies "that she was aware that she should not bring the gun to school. She thought that if she was discovered that she would simply be asked to put it in her vehicle. Ms. Roe said that she has a concealed weapons permit and is proficient at shooting because of her military training."

....Roe told deputies that her father had purchased the handgun for her after her husband had assaulted her Aug. 5, "and she has carried it with her ever since," the report states. Roe's husband, Shawn Roe, is awaiting trial on pending charges of unlawful imprisonment and malicious mischief, according to Mason County records.

Then only the outlaws will bring guns into schools...with predictable results:

QUARRYVILLE, Pa. -- A man who laid siege to a one-room Amish schoolhouse told his wife he had molested young children decades ago and left a note saying he had "dreams of molesting again," state police Commissioner Jeffrey B. Miller said Tuesday.

....Earlier Tuesday, two more children died of wounds from the shootings, raising the death toll to five girls plus the gunman.

And a fews days earlier, in Colorado:

BAILEY, Colo. -- The gunman who killed a student and committed suicide during a high school standoff methodically selected six girls as hostages -- apparently favoring blondes -- and sexually assaulted at least some of them, authorities and witnesses said Thursday.

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