Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Revoltin' Readers Need a Picture Drawn for Them

Ever obliging, the FLUBA Committee on Educating the Uneducable answers the fans at Angry Bear who stumbled upon a reference to 'same point in business cycle comparisons' and were stumped.

For those who have eyes to see it is obvious that the upward slope of the GDP growth beginning at the end of the 1990-91 recession is interrupted at the end of the Clinton Administration and remains essentially flat for about two years.

Then the growth resumes after the 2001 recession. At a pace very similar to (or even perhaps a little steeper than) that after the previous recession. Similar graphs can be drawn for other economic statistics, such as unemployment or total employee compensation.

All of which ought to be obvious to people with advanced degrees in economics. Of course, when the perennially angriest of the Bears can't even be bothered to click on a link provided:

I guess Roland Patrick was too busy thinking up his smear of Senator Kerry....suggest[ing] Lt. Kerry was giving guns to the Khmer Rouge. But does he have a shred of evidence for this outrageous LIE?

Had he, he would have found said evidence; Senator John Kerry making the claim to Tim Russert in January 2005 on Meet the Press:

SEN. KERRY: I still have the hat that he gave me, and I hope the guy would come out of the woodwork and say, "I'm the guy who went up with John Kerry. We delivered weapons to the Khmer Rouge on the coastline of Cambodia."

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