Friday, October 27, 2006

We are not amused...

...said Ukraine to the Blonde Ukraine Greenpeace Activist...over Nude Posters:

A Greenpeace activist in Ukraine faces deportation after she posed naked for a series of environmental awareness posters.

Oksana Golubova, a beautiful blonde and head of the local Greenpeace office in Ukraine’s largest seaside resort area of Crimea, was attempting to protect the peninsula’s nature from careless tourist attitude.

The girl posed as a model for a series of posters together with dead animals and birds. The message she intended to send to the world was human holidays are a threat to nature, the Express Gazeta newspaper reports.

However instead of feeling guilty, the authorities and residents of the peninsula, where tourism is the only source of income, cracked down on the activist herself. She was accused of being immoral, unpatriotic and of trying to ruin the region’s economy.

If Golubova continues her agitation, Crimea’s Prime Minister Viktor Plakida has said, he will personally see that she gets deported from the peninsula.

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