Friday, October 20, 2006

To each according to their #1 Seed

'Let them eat grass, I get lobster', might be the bumper sticker on his Mercedes:

From imported lobsters to cognac and Mercedes-Benz cars, the expensive tastes of North Korea's secretive leader, Kim Jong-il, have never failed to stagger those who have witnessed his conspicuous consumption.

However, his love of the finer things in life, in a country where his people have been allowed to starve, is now being challenged by the United Nations sanctions imposed at the weekend.

They include a clause banning the export of luxury goods to North Korea and aim to cut off or at least greatly diminish the dictator's supplies, which he is believed to use to reward senior officials for their loyalty.

.... At one stage, Kim was reported to be the world's biggest single customer for Hennessy's Paradis cognac, although he was later forced to cut down his intake, acting on medical advice, and took up fine French red wine.

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