Thursday, October 05, 2006

Can't tell your homophobes without a program

Ann Coulter runs down the flexible rules for Democrats which seem to depend on whether the subject has diplomatic recognition from the usual suspects:

We need to get a rulebook from the Democrats:

— Boy Scouts: As gay as you want to be.
— Priests: No gays!
— Democratic politicians: Proud gay Americans.
— Republican politicians: Presumed guilty.
— White House press corps: No gays, unless they hate Bush.
— Active-duty U.S. military: As gay as possible.
— Men who date Liza Minelli: Do I have to draw you a picture, Miss Thing?

This is the very definition of political opportunism.

If Republicans had decided to spy on Foley for sending overly friendly e-mails to pages, Democrats would have been screaming about a Republican witch-hunt against gays. But if they don't, they're enabling a sexual predator.

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