Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Extra! Extra!

Just in time for the new French Network, someone found a job in France:

PARIS, Oct 30, 2006 (AFP) - French unemployment fell to 8.8 percent of the workforce in September, President Jacques Chirac said in an interview to be published Tuesday by the daily Le Figaro.

"Unemployment has fallen for the past year and a half. In September there were 30,000 fewer jobless people. That took us below the level of nine percent to 8.8 percent," Chirac said.

"We are headed in the right direction," he added....

According to International Labour Organization data, French unemployment was last at 8.8 percent in October 2001.

Labor Minister Jean-Louis Borloo said the lower rate of unemployment was the result of measures such as a New Work Contract created in August 2005 that "addresses the concerns of very small companies".

Borloo said France had entered a "virtuous cycle" that did not depend on demographic effects such as the number of people in the workforce.

Virtue being a French value?

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