Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Spare the Rod...Spoil the CEO

Everyone responding to the question admitted to not being pain free growing up:

The debate over whether CEOs are born or made remains unresolved, but there is one thing they overwhelmingly have in common.

As children, they were paddled, belted, switched or swatted.

Child psychologists wince at such a finding. They warn that spanking slows mental development and hinders achievement. They say the last thing parents need in the back of their minds is a suggestion or justification that the rod is the road to vision, ruthless drive and other leadership traits common to CEOs.

But USA TODAY interviewed about 20 CEOs over three months and, while none said they were abused, neither were any spared.

....Eve Tahmincioglu interviewed 55 CEOs about their backgrounds for her book From the Sandbox to the Corner Office: Lessons Learned on the Journey to the Top, which went on sale Friday. The book includes chapters on such things as how CEOs attacked their first jobs and how they overcame bad bosses, but Chapter One is called "Parents: Less Carrot, More Stick."

She found that most CEOs had tough disciplinarians as parents.

....Sara Blakely....says she was "spanked and spanked often," so much that she would wear all of her days-of-the-week underwear at the same time to soften the blow.

Today, she is the founder and owner of a women's undergarment manufacturer that has passed $100 million in retail sales this year.

Blakely says she thought of a name for her company while sitting in Atlanta traffic. It's a name that nobody seems to forget.


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