Sunday, October 08, 2006

Going Negative

We can't wait to see the attack ads:

Paul Herold does not want to hold public office, but voters in the town of Blaine [Minn.] have catapulted him into the final stage of the municipal election.

Mr Herold originally signed up to run for City Council but landed a new job that he said would not allow him enough time to devote to his constituents.

The father-of-two is now campaigning for his opponent - and hoping to lose.

The ambivalent candidate was told by City Hall officials that he had missed the deadline to remove his name from the primary ballot list. They suggested that he simply not campaign for next month's poll.

Mr Herold did more than that - he phoned friends and neighbours asking them to vote for anyone but him.

He also took his plight to local media pleading for non-support.

"I tried my best not to get any votes," he told Associated Press news agency.

Unfortunately for Mr Herold, he still got enough votes to advance to the next stage against incumbent Katherine Kolb.

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