Friday, November 05, 2004

Die Hard. With a Vengeance.

Says Field Marshall von Krugman. The troops may have spent all their ammunition, but hey, throw your guns at the guys who have you surrounded.

Of course, the rank hath its privileges (it's time for some R&R):

Democrats shouldn't cave in to Mr. Bush when he tries to appoint highly partisan judges - even when the effort to block a bad appointment fails, it will show supporters that the party stands for something. They should gear up for a bid to retake the Senate or at least make a major dent in the Republican lead. They should keep the pressure on Mr. Bush when he makes terrible policy decisions, which he will.

It's all right to take a few weeks to think it over. (Heads up to readers: I'll be starting a long-planned break next week, to work on a economics textbook. I'll be back in January.) But Democrats mustn't give up the fight.

The Academy thinks this should have been titled; An Open Letter to George Soros' Checkbook.

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