Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Shoe...Other Foot...Dept. of

It seems that being threatened with a libel suit enhances one's credibility with a certain Berkeley professor:

Suffice to say that every criticism that Juan Cole has made of MEMRI has been more than doubly confirmed by this lawsuit threat.

Which would seem to mean that the American Enterprise Institute has a new fan:

The Question of CAIR

David Frum
November 23, 2004

Two weeks ago, the National Post and I were served with a notice of libel by the Canadian branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR. The Post and I are not alone. Over the past year, CAIR's Canadian and U.S. branches have served similar libel notices on half a dozen other individuals and organizations in the United States and Canada. Each case has its own particular facts, yet they are linked by a common theme: That we defendants have accused CAIR (in the words of the notice served on me) of being "an unscrupulous, Islamist, extremist sympathetic group in Canada supporting terrorism."

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