Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Lethal Miscalculation, Mickey

Mickey Kaus thinks appeasement should be given another chance

Let's say that n is the number of net new terrorists who'll come online in the next four years. Isn't it obvious that n is a lot lower if Kerry is president than if Bush is president? Even if you think the Iraq war was worth fighting, as it may well turn out in the long run to have been, it's hard to deny that it has angered millions around the world, and that Bush is a focal point of their anger. A tiny but definitely non-trivial percentage of these people will be angry enough to try to do us harm, and as the years go by technology will make it easier for them to accomplish this. We lower the volume of lethal hatred simply by thanking Bush for his efforts and retiring him.

Uh, Mickey, on September 11, 2001 we were done "harm", to the tune of 3,000 American lives lost. And it had nothing to do with George W. Bush.

What voting Bush out will show those people is that we are weak, that Osama is the "strong horse" they should be riding. And, as Churchill said, you may think you're choosing between war and dishonor. You're choosing dishonor, but you won't get peace.

There is only one way to get peace. Kill our enemies. Kerry doesn't understand that.

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