Wednesday, November 03, 2004

History for Dummies

If we hadn't known that they already were, we'd think that November 2, 2004 had unhinged them

In 1980, we elected an unknown governor....

The former governor of the most populous state in the Union. A former movie star and television personality, who had a weekly radio commentary, who'd almost unseated the sitting President in 1976. Yeah, what an unknown.

In 2000 we elected an unknown southern governor had not spent a day in Washington D.C.

Except that he'd worked in his father's White Washington D.C.

And we don't think many voters didn't realize he was the son of the other George Bush.

...the unknown southern governor without a national political record wins the presidency--always.

Which has happened twice in the last quarter century. And not once in the 200 years prior.

That reminds of a former Seattle Mariners broadcaster whose rule was: "A lead-off walk always comes around to score...except when it doesn't."

Why? Because he is a governor, he can raise money.

That would seem to be a poor application of Occam's Razor. For Theresa's hubby.

Because he is unknown....

We have to admit that being unknown, was a contributing factor to Kerry's nomination.

Of the unknown southern governors who have run since 1972, we've been lucky once--Bill Clinton....

Bill was the lucky one. Unless you mean he was being Machiavellian in electing a Republican Congress in 1994.

We've been unlucky three times: Carter, Reagan, and George W. Bush were, none of them, up to the job.

There seems to be a disagreement on two of those, between the Professor and 60 million voters.
You can go further back in the past. Nixon when he ran in 1968 had next to no national political reputation.

We'll bet Alger Hiss knew who he was.

This is not a good way to do things, people.

You mean, because your guy usually loses.

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