Monday, November 08, 2004

Not Only That, Senator, You're Still Married To An Idiot

The Minute Man links to a hilarious article about the man without a clue. Who nevertheless managed to make Mary's guy cry:

JOHN KERRY constantly squabbled with his difficult and hypochondriac wife.... aide confiscated his mobile telephone. ....

...the relentlessly disciplined Bush White House...became so aghast and delighted at Mr Kerry’s ability to shoot himself in the foot that they almost felt sorry for him.

...the erratic behaviour of the candidate’s wife, the Heinz heiress Mr Kerry married in 1995....drove her Secret Service detail mad with her chronic lateness, constantly demanded attention, including her husband’s (who seemed to tread on eggshells when around her). She even sent him off on errands, such as fetching bottles of water.

....IT’S THE HYPOCRISY, STUPID, a reference to Mr Kerry’s constantly shifting positions.

....Mr Kerry exclaimed: “I can’t believe I’m losing to this idiot”.

During the early summer, Mr Kerry implored Mr McCain, the maverick Republican who ran against Mr Bush in the 2000 Republican primaries, to become his running-mate, meeting him seven times. He even offered to expand the vice-presidency to include running the Pentagon. ....

Mr McCain told him he was out of his mind, and went on to embrace Mr Bush. “Goddammit,” a furious Mr Kerry said to an aide. “Don’t you know what I offered him? Why the f*** didn’t he take it?”

Because, for all his faults, McCain wasn't an idiot who thought you had a ghost of a chance of winning. That's why. He knew he would have been committing political suicide by accepting your bizarre offer.

And why should he do anything for the guy who--while McCain was being tortured by the same enemy in a prisoner of war camp in Hanoi--collaborated with the enemy to defeat the United States in Vietnam.

Speaking of idiocy, who wouldn't have known that?

Kerry did manage to accomplish one thing worthwhile though:

Enter James Carville, Bill Clinton’s former strategist. So appalled was he by the chaos inside the campaign, and so desperate to see Mr Bush defeated, that in early September he decided that Miss Cahill had to be ousted, and Joe Lockhart, Mr Clinton’s former spokesman, inserted as manager. When he called a meeting with the pair, he was so worked up, he began to cry....

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