Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Jamal, Danny Has Some Issues With Guys Like You

Dear, dear. Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today:

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- Jamal Saad is gay. And Middle Eastern. And disappointed in his U.S. neighbors.

"We hate Bush. We despise Bush," said the 17-year-old film student with hair bleached sunny yellow and thoughts of someday having a same-sex spouse. He hails from Lebanon and has roots in Russia. "People there hate Bush, too."

In one of those coincidences that make life interesting, the Academy notes this remark from one of the surprising Seattle Supersonics (3-1, including a 20 point whupping of Tim Duncan's San Antonio Spurs):

The [Denver] Nuggets have quick, long-limbed athletic forwards and centers, who have given the Sonics fits in recent seasons.

But as Danny Fortson, the beefiest of the Sonics, said beforehand: "Teams that run like that usually mean they got small, thin guys out there. That's good for me. I can push those guys around."

That's what George W. Bush understands too, Jamal.

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