Thursday, November 04, 2004

So Mo, You're The Turkey At The Family Thanksgiving

From her Booknotes interview earlier this year:

LAMB: Where`s Mom live?

DOWD: Mom is in Chevy Chase.

LAMB: Here in the Washington area.

DOWD: Right. And she ... became a Reagan Democrat and then a Reagan Republican and loved Ronald Reagan. And I took her to a White House Christmas party once in the first Bush White House, and Bush kissed her. And in the car on the way home, she was quiet for a while, and then she turned to me and she said, I never want you to write a mean word about that man again! ....

LAMB: ... you say Peggy Dowd dwells happily in Bushworld, but she is the most loyal sister on the planet....

DOWD: Well, my sister...she actually worked on W`s convention in the last convention, and I -- she -- there was no hotel room in town, so she shared my hotel room. So I was always getting home from writing my column kind of tweaking the Republicans, and there would be a "W stands for women" placard, you know, in the living room.

She`s wonderful. She is threatening to cut me out of her will and use my brother, who`s an attorney, to do it, because they`re all very conservative Republicans....

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