Thursday, November 18, 2004

I'm Not A Racist. I've Had Holes In My Head.

The Fly Under the Bridge Academy is certainly willing to accept Bob Beckel's claim for the holes, after last night's performance in which he managed to complain that a skinny little white girl was trying to bully him. Presumably by letting him continually talk over her attempts to answer questions put to her by Alan Colmes and Sean Hannity.

Even long time Academy members experienced with the tradition of Democrat operatives wallowing in their self-esteem and patronizing everyone they believe can't get along without their guidance, were amazed at the cluelessness Beckel exhibited. The lowlight probably being his:

Ann [Coulter] you, are taking some of the most incredibly important symbols to us, God, race, and what you’re doing, and what [Pat] Robertson--I’ll say this not about you but about Robertson--he is a con man, and he has prostituted himself. He does not know the Scriptures and he has abandoned his love for the Lord Jesus Christ to love secular things.

Bad enough that he continually went off on tangents while supposedly there to speak of Condi--superstars have only one name, e.g. Ichiro--and her qualifications for Sec'y of State. But one would think a man with Beckel's past might want to avoid, like the plague, one word in the above quoted diatribe.

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