Friday, November 12, 2004

Psst, I've Got a Beating. And You Can Dance To It.

Non-rocket scientists in Oregon sell the rope with which they can be hanged:

JUNCTION CITY - Teens who recorded themselves beating a smaller boy during a schoolyard fight decided afterward to set the images to music and sell the recording to high school students, a police detective said Thursday.

"We do not have testimony from anyone that would indicate there was a plan to film a fight and produce it," Junction City police detective Michael McClellan said in a written statement.

The homemade DVD depicts an Oct. 21 assault on a male Junction City High School student by two other boys, neither of whom attend the school.

The video shows one boy punching the student in the face. The film then cuts to the other boy chasing the student down, punching him in the head and body, and slamming his head into a car window as a crowd watches, police said.

A soundtrack of rap music with violent lyrics accompanies the images.

A 17-year-old boy suspected of participating in the assault and the recording has been arrested on a charge of felony third-degree assault. Police said the investigation is ongoing and witnesses are still being interviewed.

Rumors about the existence of the recording were confirmed when school resource officer Corey Mertz obtained a copy from a student. He and a school official traced it to a teen who had three other copies in his backpack, which he was offering to sell for $5 each.

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