Monday, January 24, 2005

Economics Major Poised To Again Rule...

...the NFL. As he did last year too:

For Belichick, an Economy of Thought

Richard Miller, the [Wesleyan] economics professor, still gets handwritten notes from Belichick, and when he watches games, he wears the Patriots hat that Belichick sent him.

Twice last semester, Miller said he thought of Belichick and his Wesleyan background. The first moment came when Belichick cut the popular All-Pro safety Lawyer Milloy.

The move shocked much of New England, but Miller understood.

"It was simple cost-benefit analysis," Miller said. "He learned that in economics."

Soon after, Miller was lecturing 100 freshman in an Introductory Economics 101 class and mentioned how his former student, Belichick, used economics to stay under the salary cap.
After class, a young Andover graduate approached Miller and introduced herself as Amanda.
"Bill," she said, "is my dad."

After the above article was written, Belichick's New England Patriots defeated Carolina in the Super--Wardrobe Malfunction--Bowl, and this years team is favored to repeat.

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