Thursday, January 13, 2005

Yer Mother Wears Army Boots

Indiana University economist Eric Rasmusen takes note of the level of discourse on some blogs:

What surprised me, though, was the number of vulgar, thoughtless, and partisan liberal comments [Political Animal] attracts. ....

I haven't done a comparison. I wonder if conservative blogs with open comments attract just as many mindless, low-quality readers?

As it happens we don't have to look far for those 'conservative' blogs with comments sections, because Max Sawicky--himself having just as high a percentage of low-quality commenters as Kevin Drum--listed them recently:

If you want smart conservative economic commentary, there are Andrew Samwick, Dan Drezner, Arnold Kling, ... Kevin Brancato, Dead Parrot Society, Steve Verdon, ... and David Altig, .... TomMcGuire

We can judge for ourselves

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