Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Memo to Hillary

If you've lost Froma--and you have--you've lost the health care issue:

How strange that enriching trial lawyers has become a liberal cause. ....

Democrats are not great at seeing the cultural implications. The medical-malpractice crisis takes a toll beyond economics. It is socially corrosive. There's something morally wrong with making doctors the fall guys for medical tragedies they have no control over.

Doctors in my community — some the most progressive people I know — are tearing their hair out over exploding medical-malpractice premiums. They see the Democratic Party throwing them to the wolves.

....What are public-spirited Democrats to do about Republican-sponsored medical-malpractice reforms? They should go along, after making some changes.

....Democrats should put on their glasses. This game of suing doctors is real ugly. And defending it deprives them of the moral high ground on health care. Democrats ought to let medical-malpractice reform pass and get on with their lives.

Next? That Kevin Drum has given up the ghost of the Bush was Awol story.

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