Friday, January 21, 2005

Where Are They Now?

Didn't Doug Brinkley claim he was a Republican:

On a Thursday in which President Bush took office for four more years, critics at the University of Oregon promised change, supporters at a Republican breakfast in Eugene savored victory and Americans, in general, proved similarly divided.

A day of anti-Bush speeches on campus ended with a march to the Federal Building downtown, where speaker Jim Rassmann, a Vietnam veteran from Florence and prominent supporter of Sen. John Kerry's presidential bid, blasted Bush for the decision to attack Iraq.

"Bush's second term will be defined by the war in Iraq and it will be his legacy," Rassmann told a crowd that an organizer estimated at 500-plus and police put around 200. "He will be remembered for a war that, at worst, he initiated in a lie and, at best, in gross incompetence."

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