Sunday, January 23, 2005

For Larry's Reading List

Harvard's Larry Summers might want to peruse--or, not touch with a ten-foot pole--this from James Tooley. And, when he's finished, pass it on to his favorite female biologist. Consider this from a review:

Tooley, British professor of education, takes to task the U.S and British educational systems for succumbing to feminists in the last 30 years and misdirecting young women into early careers instead of marriage and motherhood. The result is what he calls the "Bridget Jones syndrome," young women suddenly realizing they're squandering their prime opportunities to marry and reproduce. Refuting educational policy in the U.S and Britain that promotes gender equality, Tooley argues that boys and girls are different and should be counseled differently on life and career choices.

Fun for the whole Harvard family.

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