Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Tax on Urinals in Oregon?

Even in the Blue States the 'T' word is a problem:

SALEM - Straightforward talk about raising Oregonians' taxes is hopelessly out of fashion in 2005.

Public service and education advocates aren't giving up on the subject, though. They're just avoiding the joint appearance of the words "tax" and "increase" when they string sentences together at the Capitol.

Sen. Bill Morrisette, D-Springfield, is hoping to bring in more money through the excise on beer. But he understands the necessity of steering the proposal around the stated opposition of House Speaker Karen Minnis and Gov. Ted Kulongoski to tax increases.

So don't expect Morrisette to call it an increase in the beer tax.

"It's not a tax. It's a fee. The `alcohol recovery fee,' " said Morrisette....

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